All Black Legend Aaron Smith: 2023 Rugby World Cup Opening Game #YUYUICERecovery


ICE Recovery

THE Cooler of Champions - Designed for sustained long lasting coolness. With unprecedented detail to comfort and style and believing that recovery is as crucial as performance. The YUYU ICE Recovery Bottle stretches beyond mere satisfaction!

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Warm Therapy

Renowned for our iconic YUYU long hot water bottles and their effect on personal well-being, our products focus on comfort and versatility. Combining sustainable materials with elegant but functional designs, to bring warmth and practicality to everyday life.

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Ultimate Performance - Formula 1

“Every second we can keep Esteban cool before he gets in the car can be hugely significant to managing the stress of heat and improving performance. The YUYUs have been a great help in our pursuit of keeping Esteban cool”.

Tom Clark, Esteban Ocon’s Lead Performance Coach


England Rugby

“We as support staff have been focused on sustainable-adaptable strategies to withstand any changes thrown at us in whatever continent we are training in. YUYU Bottles allow a great adaptable recovery strategy for players, especially for female athletes. The tie allows players to recover whilst on the move. It also is a great option in limiting the potential performance deficits from menstrual symptoms.”

Emily Ross, Lead physiotherapist, Senior England Women’s Rugby Team


“My essential recovery & performance brand. YUYU’s Ice recovery speeds up my recovery time, especially during tournaments & significantly enhances my performance in the gym!"

Marlie Packer, Saracens & England Rugby Captain & World Rugby Women's Player of the Year for 2023.


Keeping Olympic Athletes Cool in Tokyo.

As the official supplier of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, YUYU had the privilege of working closely with world-class athletes, helping them stay at the top of their game. With the YUYU bottle, athletes were able to carry their ideal climate with them and proved to be an invaluable aid for sports recovery, thanks to its ability to facilitate hot and cold ice water therapy. This therapy is highly effective in keeping muscles in peak condition, ensuring that athletes can perform at their best. 


The Netball World Cup

“We firmly believe that our players’ well-being goes beyond their performance on the court, and quality sleep is a cornerstone of their overall health, recovery and athletic performance. We’re always looking for innovative ways to support the Vitality Roses and we believe that YUYU Bottle’s products will be a game-changer for us. We’re confident that YUYU Bottle’s long hot water bottles and ice packs will aid our athletes in getting the rest they need to perform at their best during the Netball World Cup.”

Amy Buckle, Partnerships Manager, England Netball

Made for Adventures

Made from soft biodegradable rubber means the bottle has the flexibility to be rolled and taken on the go. YUYU is ready for adventures whatever the weather.

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