Open water swimming and a YUYU Bottle for heat and cold therapy

I’m Rhiannon, a qualified level 2 swimming, open water swimming and triathlon coach

As a former Scottish open water swimming champion I know the hard work, the pain and pressures you must endure to achieve your goals. Unfortunately, back in 2011 what I was not prepared for was the heartbreak of finding out repetitive injury to my left ankle over the years was actually caused by my hips being displaced years before in a previous fall, additionally causing scoliosis to develop in my spine.

As I sat in the doctors office I had a choice to have surgery on my spine or end up in a wheelchair. For me neither was an option; I decided to seek out other treatment instead of surgery. My physio assessed me and gave me the honest truth. Recovery was going to be long, hard and painful but it was either that or surgery.



Rehabilitation from my injuries was tough. My physio educated me on the benefits of heat therapy for joint, muscle and nerve pain relief. During swim training we were taught about “icing” our injuries and strains; but never about heat therapy for injuries.

The old mantra my coaches liked to use ‘no pain no gain’ made me reevaluate the words at a deeper level. As I was lying in bed unable to sleep even with the pain medication from my doctor. I imagined swimming again free from the shackles of my body. The only thing that helped with the pain when I couldn’t leave my bed for months was the heat therapy.

With the YUYU Bottle, I am able to safely say you can either cool or heat your sore muscles and joints

Almost 2 years of physiotherapy and treatments I was due my appointment with the surgeon for my scoliosis surgery. I remember sitting in his office with him looking back and forth from the first X-ray taken of my spine to the most recent. He could not believe what I had done and what the physio had achieved. The nerve, joint, spinal and muscular pain was all worth it. I no longer needed the scoliosis surgery.

I returned to the water after a few years; no longer as an athlete but as a teacher and coach. I work closely with triathletes and open water swimmers of all ages and help them find the pleasure of swimming in the water that I felt.



I like to share my story with my athletes, especially the junior ones. To educate and understand just how far to push yourself in training and when to stop. The warm up and recovery are just as important as the training itself.

With the YUYU Bottle, I am able to safely say you can either cool or heat your sore muscles and joints. If you’ve had an injury or strain this flexible bottle will mould around the area in need of therapy.

The YUYU Bottle is perfect for when my hips come out of alignment and my back pain starts up again. It wraps around my back and soothes the sore muscles and nerves.

It’s especially handy how I can strap it around my hips for targeted pain relief while carrying my daughter. It doesn’t slip or fall down and stays warm for hours of relief.

Thank you YUYU bottle you truly are amazing!


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