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Next-level Performance & Recovery

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Warm Up

Renowned for our iconic YUYU long hot water bottles and their effect on personal well-being, our products focus on comfort and versatility. Combining sustainable materials with elegant but functional designs, to bring warmth and practicality to everyday life.

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ICE Down

THE Cooler of Champions - Designed for sustained long lasting coolness. With unprecedented detail to comfort and style and believing that recovery is as crucial as performance. The YUYU ICE Recovery Tubes stretch beyond mere satisfaction.

Ice down

Temperature Control

Up to 6 hours of warmth or 10 hours of Ice therapy.

Comfort and Pain Relief

Endorsed by medical professionals.

Planet Friendly


Money Saving

Use less energy around the home with YUYU

Limitations are here to be stretched.

Explore the transformative impact of the YUYU Bottle in sports, athletic performance as well as mental and physical enhancement.

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Long lasting warmth wherever & whenever you need it.

Choose the original YUYU Bottle and share a special warm HUG that will last for years to come.

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Heating an average home for 8 hours uses the same amount of energy as boiling a kettle 274 times.

Save money on your heating, reduce CO2 emissions and live healthier with YUYU!

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Targeted HEAT & ICE treatment for better health!

Can't get to a sauna or a frozen lake? Make sure you've got a YUYU for RAPID localised temperature therapy!


Improve your sleep by turning down a few degrees °

Lower the heat, take a YUYU Bottle to bed, and enjoy your cosiest sleep! Breathe easy and wake up refreshed.

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Wearable hands-free around the body.

Optimally designed with an extendable drawstring strap to cater to all body types, the YUYU can be worn hands-free with ease, delivering soothing warmth right where you need it.

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Filled with less than a kettle of water.

Despite the bigger size you don't need to switch the kettle on any more than normal. The YUYU can be filled with less than a kettle of water and keep you warm for up to 6 hours. The money-saving eco way to keep warm in an energy crisis.

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We believe the things held so close to you should be beautiful.

That's why we create our YUYUs with the highest quality materials including Biodegradable Grade A Sri Lankan Rubber. Sri Lanka is home to the best rubber trees in the world. We work with our suppliers the sustainable way.

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What makes the YUYU different

Instead of moving a traditional square hot water bottle around your body, the YUYU changes the status quo. The 81cm YUYU wraps around the contours of your body whilst only using less than a kettle of water.