YUYU x Johanna Gullichsen Cover Only

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Doris Bordeaux
Established in 1989, Finnish textile designer Johanna Gullichsen offers sustainably made, woven to last fabrics. With an emphasis on timeless designs and durable quality, the Johanna Gullichsen Collection are both luxurious and informal, blending traditional Nordic influences with a modern aesthetic.
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Dimensions: L81xW13cm.

YUYU natural biodegradable rubber bottle included.

A wearable strap feature that allows you to wear it multiple ways and go hands-free. 

Requires less than a kettle of water to fill up (less than 1 litre). For full instructions, head to our FAQ page.

Note: If you are going to switch between hot and cold use, it is strongly advised to purchase a separate bottle from our Extras page to prolong the use of the YUYU rubber bottle.

Dimensions: L81xW13cm.

Johanna Gullichsen cover only. YUYU rubber bottle and gift box not included.

Note: To purchase a YUYU rubber bottle, head to the Extras page. 

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