YUYU Bottle featured in Glamour: Your endometriosis coping strategies toolkit: From the full-body water bottle that soothes pain to the diet that eases bloating


Prioritise self-care

"Set boundaries in place when you need to take a rest day/week/month, be it within your own mind or to anyone else. You don’t have to justify yourself or apologise for taking a beat. Aside from the treatment and painkillers, heat therapy has always been my saviour. That and Epsom salts in the bath. Never without heat packs, I’ve recently discovered the YUYU Bottle, which is a long hot water bottle you wrap around your body."

"Living with endometriosis can feel extremely isolating, and it’s crucial to know you’re not alone. Whatever the extent of your symptoms or treatment options suggested, above all else- don’t struggle in silence. Be sure to access all the help available, as you so rightfully deserve."

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