Ulcerative Pancolitis Survivor: @meandmytum

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27 years old and Australian

- lover of food (food may not love me)
- ulcerative pancolitis survivor
- ileostomy (2000)
- jpouch (2007)
- searching to end chronic pain


Here are some of her posts where she explains how the YUYU Bottle has helped her...


Good morning my beautiful pain buddies...

I'm sorry but if you have not got a YUYU Bottle bloody get one NOW. It has helped me immensely the past few days. A lot of the time I only needed my YUYU rather than taking pain meds.


This morning my organs felt like they were being torn from my back I couldn’t even breath. I would have needed to heat up 2 heat packs and probably every 30min which lets be honest, I would NEVER have done, mum and dad would of had to 


We have to get creative with our pain relief aids and honestly @yuyubottle has been the most helpful yet.


What is your go to aid? I would love to know and I’m sure others would too

I love my @yuyubottle I’ve been looking for something for so long and..BOOM I’m in heaven!! My heat pack is my best friend it is the only way I can deal with pain. I would say it the best therapy above all!!! There's 4 reasons why I love it..


1. It ties around the body so I can walk around not holding anything. And it fits under my jumpers at work. Perfectly inconspicuous!

2. It heats my stomach and my back at the same time.

3. It lasts for 3 hours with consistent heat so it doesn’t burn the hell out of your stomach, blistering the skin. (All been there)

4. You can untie it so it can go between your legs from bum to vag (PERFECT for today, eases those stabbing pains relaxing the muscles)

Doctor- "It's tough being a woman isn't it?" I'm sorry... have you not been able to eat for 2 weeks because your bowel is spasming? Is your ovaries stinging? Do you feel so nauseous you can't move? Does your muscles feeling like their ripping through your back and it hurts to even breath????
No! I'm sure you don't. Because saying that to someone after you tell them that they most likely have endometriosis, a incurable chronic illness, is NOT a helpful thing to say. Because sista ive been in CHRONIC PAIN for YEARRRRSS now and knowing you can't do much about it is more than tough... you've given me a LIFE SENTENCE to hell!!!
Anyways, Negativity aside.. I can finally surround myself with a community that will be supportive and can search for a breakthrough with this disease. I am going to do everything i can to make my life AMAZING and find a treatment that does not mean having a reversal. For anyone in Melbourne if you are currently seeing anyone that has helped you, please let me know

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