Go-to items for endometriosis sufferers


Being in so much pain recently has got me thinking about my go-to things whenever my symptoms rear their ugly heads.
These are some of my fav things when I’m flaring. The only things missing are my endo sisters support, my boyfriend @camerongrant8 and Netflix (I couldn’t fit them on the rug)

My @yuyubottle is universal, I can use it during an endo flare or if my fibromyalgia flares. It’s also extremely cosy.

I also can’t live without my comfy knickers and stretchy PJ bottoms. I always make sure I have plenty of water and I take my medication on time! I need to use pill boxes otherwise I just forget to take them which only makes me feel worse. 
My newest addition is my CBD body butter from @khaleesiscannabombs ... smells lush and eases my joint and muscle pain/stiffness. 

What are your essentials during a flare?

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