Pain Warrior Jenna loves her YUYU

I have already had a lot of ladies with endo/ic ask me where I got it from!

I’ve had 3 surgery’s for my endometriosis and interstitial cystitis so far, countless scans, injections, medications, a lot of pain relief and a coil. Also a lot of pain during my pregnancy with threatened pre term labour. Pregnancy did not cure me!

I still have a lot of pain, but I received my YUYU bottle and haven’t taken it off! It’s so easy to wear around the house, with the baby and to take anywhere. It’s been amazing and is reducing the amount of pain killers I am taking. Thank you so much for this amazing design!

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@jen_and_haribo Got my new @yuyubottle today and it’s amazing. It’s wearable and it’s making me so much more comfortable with my #endometriosis and #interstitialcystitis pains and I can wear it whilst looking after my young baby! Thank you so much for this it’s going to change my life! Any other warriors I highly recommend

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