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I have multiple chronic illnesses that kind of cramp my style. Raising awareness through vlogging and blogging...

my chronic life

A couple of weeks ago something that came in the post, which has honestly changed the game! I saw @yuyubottle on a friends Instagram, and immediately ordered one. For those who don't know, it's a long hot water bottle, that has ties at either end so you can tie it around you if you're moving around. It's also been perfect to drape around my neck and shoulders, which is where the majority of my chronic pain emanates from. I got a fleece covering because the softness is important to me, but they do lots of other materials for covers.

I love it so much, can't recommend it highly enough!

my chronic life

my chronic life

Taken from recent instagram post which explains what Lyme Disease is.


May is #LymeDiseaseAwareness month, and let's be honest I've not done a great job of raising awareness. However it's the last day today, and I wanted to share this photograph my dad (@dmorgandavies) took, nearby to where I was having treatment. The lights you can see running through the photo are actually images of the Lyme bacteria that he added in, to show how Lyme, although invisible 99% of the time, runs underneath the surface affecting everything.

Lyme disease fucking sucks, there is no way around that. It's disabled me, and changed my life in every way possible. I get no help from the NHS, (there aren't any Lyme disease specialists in the NHS at all), and so have to pay for all my treatment myself.

I wouldn't wish this on anybody and one bite from a tiny insect is all it takes! So please, as summer approaches, make sure you take precautions. Lyme Disease is everywhere in the UK. If you go walking, avoid long grass, make sure you use insect repellant, and check for tics afterwards. If you do get bitten, DO NOT just pull the tic off, this will increase you're chance of being infected. Look online how to remove it properly. Even if you feel fine, go to the doctor, bring the tic with you, and fight hard for a course of Doxycycline. Treating early can be the difference between recovery, and

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Below the Surface, Giclée print/dibond, 2018 - Reflecting upon my daughters ongoing battle with Lyme disease.

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