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It is always amazing for us to hear that the  YUYU bottle is such a huge supporter of our customers in a time of pain and need. The below words are from the creator of the ‘loveyouandthem’ blog, a sufferer of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

‘Warm, comforting and the best remedy for chronic pain- The YUYU Bottle’

So if you don’t already know I suffer from a chronic and invisible illness called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome…..which I’ve spoken about previously and it’s recently getting worse.

Due to this pain in my veins, I find it very hard to find a medication that will work and luckily heat helps me and relaxes me. Today I was driving home and I could feel my arm was becoming increasingly weak, my pulse was going all over the place and I couldn’t breathe. Pain was going down all of my left arm and I just pulled over and cried.

I got home as quickly as I could, took my makeup off, got in my pj’s and I know it’s the middle of summer but I had to get my YUYU bottle. Last Christmas my parents bought me the most amazing present that anyone I think with a chronic illness should have…

The YUYU bottle.

The YUYU bottle is different from any other hot water bottle. It fits to shape your body, you can wrap it around your body parts (arm, legs, stomach) and it’s ideal for those places that a normal hot water bottle can’t get to.

The heat lasts for such a long time and it’s so good to fall asleep with at night, either cuddling up to it or laying on top. I’ve currently been sat on the sofa with my bottle wrapped around my shoulder and neck, I’m so relaxed now and just puts me to ease.

My condition is worse between my shoulder and my neck, and with a normal hot water bottle you cannot fit that in there, but the YUYU bottle can wrap around your neck and it’s so comfortable. There are many cover designs, but they’re all super soft.

One of my most favourite things to do (if you can call it that) is to lay on my back with the YUYU bottle underneath. If you leave enough of the top spare, you can press/squeeze it to make you feel that you are having a warm waterbed massage. I know it sounds weird, but I promise you it’s amazing.




Here’s a little video of me showing you how you can wear it. Only short but it gives you the idea:

YuYu bottle demonstration

Anyway the point of this is, if you have thoracic outlet syndrome or a chronic condition, pregnancy, headache, joint pain or even just bad period pain, this is without a doubt the best thing you can get. It comes with a strap, therefore you can walk around with it on, brilliant for back pain!! No more balancing it in your trousers or holding it as you walk.

Go on treat yourself.


View the Loveyouandthem blog here.




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