The YUYU Bottle has changed this hot mess mumma's life



YUYU Bottles are long wearable hot water bottles that to be quite honest can change your life, I know it has mine. I’m currently waiting I see a gynaecologist about pains I’ve been experiencing in my stomach and lower back. Before I had my YUYU Bottle I was having to use a normal hot water bottle and alternate between having it on my belly or back. What’s so amazing about the YUYU Bottle is that it is long enough to wrap around you so you can experience pain relief in the front and back PLUS because you can tie it on you’re free to walk around with it hands free and get on with your day! I honestly can’t explain how amazing these are and how life changing it has been for me. I think that EVERY single woman should own one to help ease period cramps. The bottles are also great to just help keep you warm or wearable around your neck as well. I definitely give it a 10/10 and don’t think I will ever look back now that I have one of these in my life! Thank you SO much.

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