Multi-purpose hot water bottle for hypermobility and chronic back pain

Suzie recently won a competition with us, here's her story, she gave her Cashmere YUYU prize to her mum, who had given her her own YUYU in the first place!


My mum bought me a YUYU years ago as - I am that person everyone hates that’s always cold, even in the summer.

However, years later I now use it for my hyper mobility and the chronic pain in my back that it causes and flares up on the regular.

The YUYU has been a game changer. It helps me relax my back muscles and I use it as heat therapy as my first port of call instead of jumping to the tablets straight away. It is amazing and I am so thankful for it everyday. It lies nice and flat against my back rather than a lot of other hot water bottles that bulge.

I have just bought this one, pictured below, so that I can take my 5/6 year old one to work and keep the new one at home.

I’m still that person who’s always cold in the summer, but my YUYU is now multipurpose. Both for coziness and my back pain.

If I won I would gift the cashmere one to my mum, as she is the one who started this all off by buying me my first!

Kind regards,

Suzie Smith


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