Mental Health Awareness Week - Nature Theme

Are we out of the woods yet?

With mental health and wellbeing, it can sometimes feel like we're permanently lost. But perhaps with a little time and care, we can learn to see the beauty of the nature around us instead of the dark of the trees.


With mental heath and wellbeing we turn to Lizzey who shares some beautiful words…

It's Mental Health Awareness Week and although I am a firm believer of working on our minds every single day, this time there's a focus on nature. I speak about this a lot on my journey of healing, and I posted recently stating,

“There are those of us who recharge in nature, those who wander aimlessly and feel the earths vibrations in our steps. Those of us who feel it pulling us down, grounding, earthing and filling us with light. Thank you mother earth, for the trees; for the breath it gives us and the life it instills in us in every moment.”

Firstly, I have put practices into my routine that help to make me feel grounded. To start with, I live with a few invisible illnesses, BPD, PTSD, anxiety and fibromyalgia which, in short is a chronic pain disorder which includes a lot of gastrointestinal symptoms, which is why YUYU are so fabulous and mine comes with me on chilly mornings watching the sunrise, or when my pain is high and I want to sit in nature for a little while.

One of the things I do to ground is called earthing, or barefoot walking. Walking barefoot takes some time to build up, our feet are so used to being in socks/shoes in this modern age, protected from any debris. Earthing can allow direct physical contact with the earths electrons and all of mother nature's energy. It is this disconnect from the earth that is said to be a major contributor to physiological dysfunction and un-wellness. It's best to start with 15-20 minute walks when earthing and building it up so that your feet can adapt to the environment. Over time you'll be able to connect to mother nature for longer periods of time. Try it one day, feel some grass brushing up your ankles and listen to life all around you, enter sweet chirping birds to help you vibe out more!

The reason I have implemented so much nature into my life was made by a cataclysmic moment when I decided to take on a holistic healing approach called RTT, Rapid Transformational Therapy. This hypnotherapy is made to shorten a need for years of psychological therapy after intense traumas, it can be used for a multitude of reasons, psychological issues like addiction, OCD, anxiety or PTSD, or for physiological issues like chronic pain, PCOS and endometriosis and is an approach to hopefully ease the stressors in your life that are causing our un-wellness. From RTT work, came an introduction to archetypal Shadow/Light work which is a seriously powerful dive into the human psyche and the body-mind experience. This one is definitely worth looking into, if you're like me and likes to read into how I can work with my mind, this is something for you!

Some of you may take once glance and think, "Lizzey, are you away with the fairies". To you, my good friend, I say most definitely. I'm in a place where my inner child is free to run wild and connect with all the things she enjoyed. Playing in the dirt, butterfly hunting just to see how pretty their markings are, foraging goodies, I even collect clay and moss from my local pond and get stuck in creating little incense holders or trinket trays. I must also add to open your minds, and your hearts to the universe and know that she listens, she listened to me and plonked this holistic therapy on my lap right when I needed it. When I was ready for change, ready to rid myself of all the negative self-beliefs I hold so heavily inside of me.

To those who are out here thinking healing is such an impossible goal, try to think of it as the journey instead of the destination. Work with what arises in the moment and know that this is all a process of learning, remoulding and getting a feel for who we want to be as a human. What we hold true to us and our values. Help is available to you down many different paths and there will be a helping hand out there that you can feel comfortable to take up space and speak to.

Spread love, and light and kindness in each step.

- Lizzey Gregory
A healing human.


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