Meet Angie, zebra strong EDS warrior and mother

The past few weeks have been crazy, with our house flooding, living in a hotel, going back and forth between house and hotel, shopping for flooring and baseboards, a fussier-than-usual baby, and my health challenges, so you can imagine how excited I was to receive my @yuyubottle today!

Angie EDS warrior

Angie EDS warrior

It's a wearable, extra long hot water bottle with a cozy sleeve that you can tie around your waist, drape over your shoulders, and of course, sleep with. It stays warm for up to 6 hours, no electricity needed! So it's the perfect solution for car rides and anywhere I don't have an outlet for my heating pad. Plus, electric heating pad aren't the best for you anyway, but I didn't really have another option... until now! You can even fill it with ice water to use as a cold pack, which I'll definitely be doing after my shoulder surgery.

For now, though, she's going around my abdomen for my hernia which has been giving me lots of pain today. I have a feeling we're going to be spending a lot of time together.


Angie ESD warrior


When my phone battery gets low, I plug it in before it dies. I'm now having to do the same with my body. Several times throughout the day I have to stop and "recharge my batteries." Some days I can be up for longer, yesterday I could only be on my feet for maybe 10 minutes before the pain and disautonomia had me gasping for breath and supporting myself on the counters, table, and walls. So when I get to feeling like that, instead of pushing through and ending up bedridden, I'm learning to stop what I'm doing and rest, preferably while soaking up the warmth from my @yuyubottle.


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