Managing Sickle Cell Disease and Chronic Anemia

Chronic illness warrior Laetitia and her story of living with Sickle Cell disease and how a YUYU has helped with easing the pain that comes with SCD


My name is Laetitia Defoi, I have Sickle Cell disease (SCD) at a severe level


Laetitia is using a Body Bottle Fleece in Leopard Print


Sickle cell disease is the first genetic disease in France and in the world and is unfortunately little known. It reaches the red blood cells and deforms them into a banana shape. They become rigid and get stuck in small vessels. When they get stuck it leads to an extremely painful seizure that often sends me to the hospital!

It also creates chronic anemia, which makes me very tired. It also affects the bones and creates various complications. For example, it destroyed my hip bones and I have had a hip prosthesis since 2016. And it creates a pain that is so excruciating that you often have to go to the emergency room and have morphine, medicine and oxygen for several days. The pain is such that it looks like you are stabbed endlessly with a knife, breaking your bones, sometimes you feel like you are dying!


Laetitia is using a Body Bottle Fleece in Leopard Print


I am a nurse and today I left that position to be an e-health entrepreneur. Together with two friends we created a mobile app to help people with sickle cell disease @drepacare.I am personally very involved in the fight against sickle cell disease and I try to raise awareness amongst the general public so that the knowledge and the solutions improve.

On a daily basis in order to limit and avoid seizures, we must know the triggers. Like the cold, for example, we must find ways to heat our body, and also to put heat on our painful body parts. So when I discovered the YUYU Bottle, I was thrilled because I thought directly about the regular pain I have in my lower abdomen and back, caused by my period and which creates seizures. And above all I really liked the fact that the hot water bottle is practical, I can continue doing day to day tasks while keeping it on me, by tying it around me. I can stand up, sit down etc…


Laetitia is using a Body Bottle Fleece in Leopard Print


The fact that it is long and that it can be tied up really makes the difference and enhances comfort! I go for a walk home with my hotty and I love it!



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