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Hi, my name is Kim and I am an International Sports Physiotherapist. I’m also a Masters pole-vaulter, mum of 3 and Pilates and HiiT instructor. Needless to say I’m always embracing my body’s aches and pains!



My first introduction to the benefits of heat was at University in my physiotherapy degree. We learned the application of heat pads just as seriously as learning about the other machinery and hands on physiotherapy techniques. 

Whilst working at a Major London Private Hospital I worked within a highly dynamic and prestigious physiotherapy team at the forefront of Physiotherapy Research Based Practice. We would ‘joke’ about ‘HotPack Friday’ when there our energy levels were running low. We would spend the first half of the treatment time with the patient lying down with a hot pack on their injured area, probably finding out about their life situation at the same time. This was a surprisingly effective treatment strategy! And I imagine the clients got more out of the heat therapy, relaxation and attentive compassionate ear. 

Since I have had my YUYU Bottle I have intentionally been wearing it everywhere

As a physiotherapist one of my main aims with every treatment is to release / relax tight or spasming muscles. Whether this is the muscles protecting an injured joint, stress tension around the neck and shoulders, or over worked postural muscles. It is also to put the client at ease and make them feel cared for. 

If these feelings and benefits can be continued in everyday life I have achieved my goal. Since I have had my YUYU Bottle I have intentionally been wearing it everywhere. One thing I have noticed is the sheer feeling of being looked after. It’s somewhere between a warm hug and someone holding you together. The slight weightiness of it is like a reassuring hand on your shoulder and the heat brings additional muscle relaxation. 

In the very short time I have been using my YUYU Bottle I have found myself recommending them to each and every client. I even messaged a clients husband to tell him to buy one for his frazzled wife. Let me tell you about her… her story will resonate with many of you I’m sure. She is struggling with upper back pain, it hurts all day. She is a busy mum of 2, home-schooling the oldest and breastfeeding the baby. She wears the baby in a sling much of the day and is over run with housework and admin chores. She has fortnightly hands on treatment from me and attends 2x Pilates classes a week with me on zoom. These provide relief but within a few hours the pain returns. I’m desperate for her to use the YUYU whilst washing up, battling with Year 1 English home-schooling and whilst waiting endless hours pushing the swing at the park. I think it would allow relaxation throughout movement and remind her that self-care can occur simultaneously while attending to chores and duties. 

In the very short time I have been using my YUYU Bottle I have found myself recommending them to each and every client

The most of my physiotherapy clients are currently working from home in less than desirable setups and adaptive postures hence needing treatment for quite debilitating back and neck pain. The YUYU Bottle I’m finding can double up as a lumbar support and if tied around the waist, it is possible for it to give a little prompt to sit with good posture and the slight weight over the shoulder can encourage you to drop those shoulders! 

This is my new physiotherapists helping hand, it’s me when I’m not there giving those gentle prompts and reassurance. 



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