Crohn’s Sufferer: Nicole Best

We were blessed to hear from Nicole all the way from Nova Scotia, Canada who discovered the YUYU on a Crohn’s & Colitis blog. Here is Nicole’s story on her condition and YuYu experience, she is truly a #YUYUPAINWARRIOR


As someone who suffers from Crohn's disease, and the chronic pain it can bring, I can say first hand that the YUYU hot water bottle is one of the best products I have ever owned. Crohn's disease is a form of inflammatory bowel disease, and although awareness is increasing daily, there is no cure. This disease causes inflammation throughout the gastrointestinal tract and is a full systematic disorder bringing on a large variety of other, sometimes debilitating, and symptoms. Inflammatory bowel disease can cause severe abdominal pain, & diarrhoea, and also extreme fatigue, nausea, fever, ulcers, anaemia, malnutrition, joint pain, skin conditions, back pain and unintentional weight loss. Crohn's presents differently in every patient, but most would agree that the daily challenges of intermittent symptoms can be very difficult.

For years I have been trying to find a way to have my hot water bottle attached to me if I had to move around especially during a pain flare up. In the past I've even tried using the belt from a bathrobe to secure a traditional hot water bottle into place, to provide pain relief while I moved, with little success. I would either have to sit unproductively with traditional hot water bottle on my stomach or push through the pain to get things done without the relief from heat. The YUYU hot water bottle offers mobile pain relief and it is a truly beautiful thing! The long slim design with straps to hold it in place is brilliant! This item has given me back my freedom! I can accomplish things & move around while still managing my pain. Upon reading about this product I immediately looked it up & knew I had to have one of these amazing bottles! I sing the high praise of this product & also the wonderful customer service this company provides! For a perfect combination of the cozy warm comfort of a hot water bottle paired with the amazing convenience of mobile pain relief choose YUYU bottles; I promise you won't be disappointed!



Crohn's disease is a long-term condition that causes inflammation of the lining of the digestive system. Inflammation can affect any part of the digestive system, from the mouth to the back passage, but most commonly occurs in the last section of the small intestine (ileum) or the large intestine (colon).




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