Blogger and Endowarrior Sophie with her hottest best friend

Every morning I wake up wondering how bad my pain is going to be that day, and how much I’m going to be able to do. Living with a chronic illness has meant my life has changed dramatically, and so many of the things I used to be able to do are a lot tricker now. Having endometriosis and ME/CFS feels like I’m constantly fighting against my body. During a bad flare the pain radiating down my legs is so bad every step hurts, it feels like I’m being stabbed over and over while someone shoves their hand inside me to squeeze all my organs. Sometimes no matter how strong the painkillers are they just don't touch the pain, but heat is always a soother. 

I’ve always been permanently attached to hot water bottles, trying to hobble around the house holding one to my front and one on my back. Being a clumsy gal you can imagine that didn’t always end so well. So when I got my YUYU bottle it genuinely changed my life!! I never leave the house without it, being able to tie it around my body and get heat to both my stomach and back is a total life saver. 

I always used to have a permanent heat rash from all the heat, sometimes I’d be so desperate to get enough heat I wouldn’t bother with the hot water bottle cover at all and just put them straight on to my skin. But I don’t have to do that with my YUYU bottle because of how long it is, it can cover all the bits that need the heat, and being able to tie the ends together means I can keep it in the right place. Plus the fleece lining is so snuggly and comforting, even my dog loves it, she cuddles up to it any chance she gets! 

Being able to tie it round my waist and fall asleep surrounded by the heat I need to help my chronic pain is amazing. I can wear it under a big jumper when I go out and no one will ever know. It’s given me back freedom that I thought I’d lost, and helps me to manage my pain and continue to do everyday tasks. Thank you YUYU bottle, you are the absolute dream!!

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