A YUYU Bottle for Post-traumatic Arthritis

'My aim is to raise awareness and share my story and to raise awareness and help others'

Jessica Ravenscroft wants to raise awareness of ‘failings’ in the system after a nine year struggle which also includes being diagnosed with Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD) and Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD).


I had a good, happy childhood home. Life was good, but school was a completely different story. Throughout my whole school life, both primary school and secondary, I was bullied. I think this is what lead to my struggle with mental health and an eating disorder. Growing up, I was very active and into a lot of sports—I did swimming, figure skating, and gymnastics.

Through my journey since suffering with chronic pain the YUYU Bottle has really helped me, the warmth of the bottle around my hips really helps with the pain from post trauma arthritis. And sometimes the pain can increase my anxiety but I find the warmth from the YUYU bottle really helps to calm my anxiety as well. And on nights when the pain is flaring up I use my YuYu Bottle and it helps to reduce the pain which then means I am able to sleep a lot better where as before I had my YuYu I would have many sleepless nights due to my chronic pain.

With being a wheelchair user I find the length of the YUYU Bottle very helpful with being able to wrap it round my hips which is where my main chronic pain is due to having post trauma arthritis. I brought the YUYU bottle to help with my chronic pain after hearing from other people that it had helped them

Throughout April, I also did fundraising for BEAT the UK National Eating Disorders Charity. I wheeled myself in my wheelchair every day for the whole month. I survived all this for a reason. I’m living proof things can and do get better, and I will campaign for change and raise awareness to help not only me, but other people as well. This is my story… and it’s not over yet, and neither is yours.


Jessica is due to be interviewed by the BBC later this year. Support her petition to increase funding for aftercare support for people with eating disorders here


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