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Video: Christina Doherty

Video: Christina Doherty

YuYu Pain Warrior


A few months ago I saw a picture of a beautiful girl who was wearing something I had never seen before. It was an all in one neck and body brace. Wearing sunglasses, she had a wry smile on her face. Curious to know why she was wearing such a brace, I watched one of her blogs on YouTube.

The more I got to know this brave and courageous girl and the more I learned about Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, the more I wanted to do something to help. And the only way I knew how was to send a YUYU Bottle.

So please meet and share your love with the incredibly brave, funny, talented and beautiful Christina Doherty AKA @watercolor_me_impressed ... A 21 year old girls review of her experience with our #longhotwaterbottle


Richard Yu

Founder of the YuYu Bottle


Discover more about the YUYU Bottle on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwBjLk6szpJ6218xRVLBtpg

Follow Christina Doherty on Instagram: @watercolor_me_impressed

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